Here are a bunch of resources for general music classes, many of which I created as a student teacher (i.e. a while ago). I've ported them over here in case they are still useful for anyone.

Exploring Round & Canons

Some examples and worksheets which should help to guide students through the process of understanding rounds and being able to write their own.

Writing the Blues

A worksheet focused on writing Blues lyrics (AAB structure). A way to explore the genre if you don't have instruments or other possibilities.


Mix n' Match Tenor Sax

A unit on Arrangement in two parts, using Apple's GarageBand and the Internet

View the full unit here

The Music of Wild Birds

A cross-curricular unit on birdsong that focuses on melody structure, improvisation, and sound recording.

This Lesson was featured in the publication Technology Integration in the Elementary Music Classroom!

View the full unit here

Starlight Starbright - Compose your own melody

Use this simple seasonal tune as an introduction to pentatonic improvisation and composition.


Opera Argument

A fun way for younger grades to explore Opera music - create a fun and silly Opera argument!


Man in the Moon

An Orff-Schulwerk arrangement of the nursery rhyme in Sibelius Scorch format.

View the arrangement here (you'll need the Scorch plugin) or download a PDF version below.

Man In The Moon.pdf

Skin and Bones

View the arrangement here (you'll need the Scorch plugin) or see the static image below. There's also a Powerpoint file with lyrics and spooky pictures.


Three Little Birds

This is a great song to perform with a wide range of grade levels. It has a simple structure and really appeals to kids. I suggest playing the original version while showing the Powerpoint slideshow - it gives a better idea of the Reggae feel than the MIDI file.


Delivery Man Blues

Four differentiated worksheets of a 12-bar Blues for piano/keyboard taken from a recording by Jim Talbot, Austin TX


I Got Rhythm

A visual approach to teaching rhythms, syncopation, and notation of rhythms.



A full scheme of work on Rap music with Lesson Plans, Handouts, and Assessment information.

Doing The Jump

A song for Year 7 based on the 12-bar blues structure. Backing tracks are provided in General MIDI format with MP3, Powerpoint, and Sibelius files.

Brazilian Percussion

A single page worksheet with pictures and information about Samba percussion instruments.


Spooky Music

A scheme of work for Year 7 or 8 involving listening (recommended - Danse Macabre by Saint-Saens), composition, and graphic scores.


Journey Into Space

A single page project exploring soundscapes and space music.